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Rahima Moosa House plaques

The Rahima Moosa House is a dwelling located in Johannesburg that belonged to Rahima Moosa And Dr Hassen Moosa. The house is located in New Clare Johannesburg and is registered as part of Johannesburg's historical heritage.

Quick Facts
  • JP Tile No.: 4
  • Name of site: Rahima Moosa House
  • Stand no: Erf No.: 229 Newclare
  • Street address: 47 Rahima Moosa Avenue, Newclare
  • District/Province/Region: Johannesburg / Gauteng
  • Ownership:
    • Previous Owner: Rahima Moosa
    • Present Owners: Natasha Naseema Jassat (neé Moosa)
  • Site Type: Residential house
  • State of Conservation: The property is well-maintained and preserved.


A blue “Johannesburg City Heritage plaque to be installed in 2011 bears the inscription:

Womens’ leader Rahima Moosa shared this home with her husband and fellow-activist Dr “Ike” H.M. Moosa. The couple played a significant role in organizing the 1955 Congress of the People, and in collecting signatures for the Freedom Charter. Together with Lillian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph and Sophia Williams, Rahima Moosa led the epic march of 20 000 women to the Union Buildings in 1956, to protest against the extension of apartheid pass laws.
Statement of Significance

The house is of political and historical significance because of its association with the struggle traditions associated with Rahima Moosa together with her husband Dr. “Ike Mohammed Moosa and other members of her family. Rahima Moosa was a key figure in spearheading the 1956 anti-pass march of women who took their protest to the seat of power of the apartheid government at the Union Buildings. The Womens’ March of 9 August 1956 a seminal event in the history apartheid struggle. Through her activism Rahima Moosa and the mass struggles with which she was identified helped usher in democratic post-apartheid dispensation which she did not live to see.

Legal Status (Decree/Act)

The house does not have general heritage protection under section 34 of the National Heritage Resources Act, given that the structure is less than 60 years old. It is important in this regard that Rahima Moosa House should be formally declared and protected as a heritage site.

You can read a more detailed article on Wikipedia.

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