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JoburgpediA Plaques go Live!!

On the 18th July 2013 6 of the 12 plaques went live, after some protracted difficulties with delivery and installation. This marked the beginning of Johannesburg's entrance into the elite list of Wiki Towns around the world. Team joburgpedia has been in contact since with The City of Johannesburg to discuss possibilities of rolling out JoburgpediA to other deserving buildings in Johannesburg.

The six plaques installed include the following buildings:
  1. Orlando East Public Library
  2. Orlando Stadium
  3. Rahima Moosa House
  4. Satyagraha House (Gandhi House)
  5. James Mpanza House
  6. Meadowlands High School

The pictures below show three of the six JoburgpediA plaques next to the Johannesburg Heritage Blue plaques.

Keep this page on your watch-list for updates on this projects and upcoming edit-a-thons where you can participate as well.

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