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Deputy Director: Immovable Heritage, City of Johannesburg

Born in Johannesburg, he spent a period in exile in Harare, Zimbabwe, during the 1980s. A specialist in Johannesburg history, he has worked as a librarian, researcher and museum curator, and been involved for many years with managing heritage sites. Since 2003, he has championed blue plaques developed by the City of Johannesburg, and helped bring these markers to over 100 sites of significance. Eric has a Master of Arts in Heritage Studies from the University of the Witwatersrand.


Dumisani Ndubane
Project Lead: JoburgpediA

I am an Electrical Engineer by profession and has been a wikimedian since 2008. I am project lead for Joburgpedia on behalf of Wikimedia ZA. As current board member of Wikimedia ZA, my passion is on small local languages and their coverage on Wikipedia. This project presents a unique opportunity for small languages to be promoted simultaneously with heritage site and our rich history in Johannesburg. All these three objectives are close to my heart and its rare to find a project that talks to all three at once.

I can be contacted for any discussions around sponsorship negotiations and any potential community development opportunities that this wiki Town project can assist in.


Bobby Shabangu
Project Coordinator: JoburgpediA

Bobby is a board member of Wikimedia ZA and was also the first ever South African Wikipedian in Residence in 2014.

Bobby worked with the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation on several digitisation projects.


James Ball
Heritage Portal

James' love of history evolved while studying in Grahamstown in the early 2000s. A five year stint in the corporate world gave him the means to return to University life, this time at Wits, where he completed a Masters in History with distinction in 2012. At the beginning of 2013 he founded The Heritage Portal in order to help facilitate the emergence of a powerful and professional heritage sector in South Africa.
He has an obsession with blue plaques and runs the Blue Plaques of South Africa platform. He can't wait for the day when South Africa is the most plaqued country in the world.


'Flo Bird
Johannesburg Heritage Foundation

Flo Bird is the Chairperson of Johannesburg Heritage Foundation, formerly known as Parktown Westcliff Heritage trust.

Johannesburg Heritage Foundation

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