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Satyagraha House
Fondly known as: "The Kraal"
Joburgpedia plaque next to CoJ Blue plaque

Satyagraha House, commonly known as Gandhi House, is a museum and guest house located in Johannesburg. The house belonged to Mahatma Gandhi: he lived and worked there between 1908 and 1909. It is registered as part of Johannesburg's historical heritage. Satyagraha means insistence on truth. The house was designed by the architect Hermann Kallenbach for Gandhi and himself. Originally called the Kraal, because of the use of traditional African elements integrated in a European dwelling.

Quick Facts
  • JP Tile No.: 1
  • Building Age: 1908
  • Current Usage: Museum & Guest House
  • Heritage Status: CoJ Heritage site
  • Street address: 15 Pine Road, Orchards
  • Ownership:
  • :Previous Owner: Jarrod and Nancy Ball
  • :Present Owner: Voyageurs du Monde (Paris, France)

Statement of Significance

This home was built and owned by the architect Hermann Kallenbach, who lived here with Mahatma Gandhi from 1908 -1909. It was around these years that Gandhi developed his philosophy of Satyagraha or non-violent resistance, which Gandhi championed in India’s independence struggle, and which has influenced many struggles for freedom and human rights around the world.

Legal Status (Decree/Act)

:General Protection: Section 34 (1) Structures under the National Heritage Resources Act, 1999.

:Authority Responsible: Provincial Heritage Resources Authority

Historical Refference

On the back of a photograph of the house, Kallenbach wrote (in German):

“The Kraal, our first house, where Gandhi lived with me for several years. In this house the Rev. J. Doke came many times while writing the book asbout Gandhi ‘An Indian patriot’ ”. 18 Sept. 1928 H.K.

In his book, the first biography written on Gandhi, Rev. Joseph Doke wrote:

"I write this in the house in which he usually lives when in Johannesburg. Yonder is the open stoep – there is the rolled-up mattress on which he sleeps”.

This tile has received the most number of scans since installation, compared to other plaques.

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