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Orlando Stadium
Inside view of Orlando Stadium
Plaques on main stadium entrance

The current Orlando Stadium was built in 2006 after the demolition of the old Orlando stadium. The old stadium structure has been completely demolished and not properly commemorated. The construction of the first stadium in Soweto began in October 1956. Officially opened in 1959, the stadium offered sports fields, a triple-grandstand able to accommodate 900 people, a concrete cycling track, an athletics track and dressing rooms. Orlando Stadium was described in Bantu World (7 March 1959) as the “grandest stadium ever built in a Non-European area”.

Quick Facts
  • JP Tile No.: 5
  • Name of site: Orlando Stadium
  • Stand no: Farm RE/1/318/IQ
  • Street address: Cnr Mooki & Martha Street, Orlando East, Soweto
  • District/Province/Region: Johannesburg / Gauteng
  • Ownership:
    • Previous Owner: Consolidated Main Reefs and Estates Limited
    • Present Owners: City Council of Johannesburg
  • Site Type: Recreational site - soccer stadium
  • State of Conservation: The property is well-maintained and preserved.

Statement of Significance

The cultural significance of the site is mainly to do with the heritage of the old Orlando Stadium (1956 – 2006). This was the first soccer stadium in Soweto, and played a major role in the sporting , social and political life of residents over many years. A famous home of South African soccer, it was associated with a host of football greats including Kaiser Motaung, Jomo Sono, Patrick ‘Ace Ntsoelengoe and Ephraim Shakes Mashaba. The stadium hosted international sporting events, and major political rallies were held there both before and after 1994.

In the June 1976 Soweto Uprising, students arranged to march to Orlando Stadium where they were going to convene and hold a mass meeting. However, because the stadium was cordoned off by police, the students were unable to hold their meeting there.

Legal Status (Decree/Act)
Authority Responsible
City of Johannesburg. Operated by the company Stadium Management.

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