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Meadowlands Secondary School
Mural on wall of High School original building
Joburgpedia plaque next to CoJ Blue plaque

Meadowlands Secondary School was one of the first schools established in Meadowlands after forceful removals from Sophiatown. The school become one of the hot spots of the student uprising of 1976 in Soweto. Meadowlands Secondary school received a heritage plaque on the 16th June 2013, as part of the June 16 Soweto Heritage Trail facilitated by the city of Johannesburg.

Quick Facts
  • JP Tile No.: 7
  • Building Age: 1955
  • Current Usage: Secondary School
  • Heritage Status: CoJ Heritage site
  • Ownership: City Council

Statement of Significance

On the morning of June 16, there was no march in Meadowlands, and school activities went on as usual. However, by the afternoon, news of the police shootings reached Meadowlands, and angry students went on a rampage, destroying landmarks associated with the apartheid government. The next day, on June 17th, a planned march to Orlando Stadium was coordinated by students from Meadowlands High, collecting students from neighbouring schools, before heading towards the stadium where police blocked their way.

Legal Status (Decree/Act)
Historical Reference

On the 20th of January a meeting of the Meadowlands Tswana School Board met and were addressed by the Circuit inspector. He spoke to them about implementing the 50-50 policy. The latter prescribed that the education of Black children in urban areas was paid for by the white population. Consequently, the circuit inspector stated that social studies, history and geography as well as mathematics shall be taught through the medium of Afrikaans. The school board was of the view that the inspector only spoke in an advisory capacity, the Board unanimously accepted a motion that the medium of instruction in schools under the jurisdiction of the Meadowlands Tswana School Board from standard 3 to 8 should be in English. Early in February two members of the Meadowlands Tswana School Board, Mr. Letlape and Mr. Peele were dismissed.

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